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Sponsorship & Advertising

Corporate sponsorship can put your company in the limelight while helping raise vital funds for Wealdlink

sponsorshipYou don’t have to be a multinational company with millions of pounds to spend in order to benefit. Even small sponsorship deals can be an effective way of promoting your company.

Sponsoring could mean you provide cash or a product in exchange for marketing promotions by us displaying your logo, web link and company name. Wealdlink can advertise your business via this website, in our service leaflets, or even signage on our vehicles.

Charity sponsorship payments are different from donations because your company gets something related to the business in return.

You can deduct sponsorship payments from your business profits before you pay tax by treating them as business expenses.

Read more about the tax benefits of sponsoring a chartty on

Affiliate Sponsorship

As an affiliate business, you can agree to donate a percentage or fixed amount per sale to Wealdlink. It shows your customers that your heart is in the right place. This can be a great arrangement for small businesses.


Appoint Wealdlink as your charity of the year

This gives Wealdlink exposure on your marketing platforms and lets your customers know you run a caring business. In return, we will direct customers your way, through our own marketing.


Employee fundraising

Challenges and events are great for team-building and boosting morale within your workforce. Dress down days or sporting leagues are fun and easy to arrange. In the process, you’ll help us spread the word about Wealdlink’s vital services for people in need.


Corporate donations

And of course, the simplest way for businesses to support Wealdlink is with a corporate donation.

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