The Ashdownlink 262 is a new Saturday community bus service beginning on Saturday 27th January, taking passengers from Uckfield, Maresfield, Buxted and Hartfield to the heart of the Ashdown Forest.

It follows a route revealing stunning views across the extensive heathland and stops on demand to enable passengers to alight at a number of locations including Pooh Bridge, the Enchanted Place, Gills Lap, and Hundred Acre Wood.

The service will offer four return journeys every Saturday between Hartfield and Uckfield. The service will allow visitors and walkers to alight at their chosen location, take a healthy walk, a leisurely stroll or just soak up the view, and then board the next bus either at the same point or somewhere else along the route.

Where there are no defined stops passengers can flag down the bus for a pick up wherever it is safe, in order to enjoy a great walk on the Forest.

This route is operated by Wealdlink Community Transport, and is supported by various local councils and the Southeast Communities Rail Partnership.

Enjoy the Ashdown Forest in a more environmentally friendly way than using private cars, and help to reduce vehicle exhaust emissions which threaten the ecosystem of the Forest.